Extra Large Zip Ties 18″

These Self-Locking extra large zip ties are a great choice for a range of uses. Although it’s an indicative seal, its pull-fore is 30 kgs.

  • Available length: 460mm
  • Available color: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange

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    Description of Extra Large Zip Ties

    These plastic zip ties by YOUME are heavy duty pull-tight seals. The seal body is mainly made of polypropylene by injection molding. Very significantly, you can adjust the operation length of the seal according to specific requirements.

    The zipzag locking mechanism secures the seal from being cut or forced open. Either way, it will leave apparent evidence of tampering when forced to open. Therefore, it is ideal for many applications. Such as obtaining trailer door, post bags, Tote Boxes, and oil tanks.

    Parameters of Extra Large Zip Ties


    Body material
    Tag size
    Total length
    Cable diameter
    Security level
    Tensile strength
    Temperature range
    460 mm
    8.0 mm
    35 kg
    -10℃ to +50℃


    buy extra large zip ties


    Marking Technology You can have your company logo, barcode, or QR code printed on the security seal tag. There are three common ways of marking–Laser engraving, hot stamping, and Silk-screen Printing.
    Color of Marking However, the imprint color depends on which printing method you choose and the imprinted information. It can be dark grey, light grey, white, black.

    Features of Extra Large Zip Ties

    • Firstly, one-pieces construction to assure that every seal has the same size and same quality.
    • Secondly, these zip ties came with an extra-large tag. Which means you can print more information on the labels.
    • Thirdly, unique laser marking offers the highest level of security, as it cannot be removed and replaced.
    • The zigzag lock mechanism stops the seal tail from being pulled backward. Therefore, it leaves clear evidence of tampering if forced open or cut.
    • Finally, the durable PP security seal strap gives the user choice of strength to match different applications.

    Recommended Application

    The plastic zip ties fit all most all applications. Their regular uses are as follows.

    • Airline in-flight duty-free or Catering Trolleys
    • Baggage
    • Refineries
    • Fuel and Oil Tankers
    • Chemical Drums
    • ATM Dispensers
    • Coin Boxes
    • valves
    • Cash Bags
    • Gaming Machines
    • Postbags
    • Fire doors
    • Lockers, trucks
    • gates
    • Sacks
    • various shutters



    • Standard Packaging
    200 pcs / polybag
    2,000 pcs / carton
    • Carton Size
    • Carton Weight
    27.5 kg / carton

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