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With over seven years of experience in manufacturing plastic padlock security seals, products of YOUME are getting more popular in South America, North America, the Middle East, Africa, and other markets through the years. At present, our product range includes pull-tight plastic seals, steel wire seals, padlock seals, plastic zip ties. We manufacturer all kinds of plastic security seals that fit all industries.


  • Logistics
  • Railways
  • Transportation
  • Postal
  • Electricity
  • Product identification
  • Customs
  • Plant identification
  • Clothing anti-counterfeiting


Plastic Padlock Seal

Customize Plastic Padlock Seals We Are Professional.

So far, YOUME has three plastic seal production lines. Therefore, we are ready to deliver your customized order nicely and fast.

Sets of Injection Machine

Sets of Laser Machine

Sets of Mold

Do you know that you can help design your custom plastic padlock seals?

Want to get your logo, words, bar code, QR code, consecutive numbers printed on a plastic seal? No problem! Keeping a large stock of all plastic seals, we are ready to ship your customized order at lightning speed.

plastic seal tag imprint


Print your Logo and Words on plastic security seal tags.

plastic seal tag imprint


Plastic tags imprint with words, bar code, and consecutive numbers

plastic seal tag imprint


Get your words, QR code printed on a plastic security seal tag.


Laser Engraving

Laser etching imprint can be a dark grey or light grey mark. The imprint can be a running barcode, a running number, or a running QR code. The laser etching imprint cannot be removed by scratching.

Hot Stamping

Heat stamping imprint requests a metal mold for different imprints. However, it gives you more options for imprint color. A heat-stamped print can be a logo, text, or running numbers.


The silk-screen imprint is nice and clear. A silk-screen board will be made for different contents. The silk-screen imprint can be any color. However, it only can be used to print a fixed logo or words.

Ready to Build Your Brand?

Order quantity of customized orders as lower as 500 pcs. Contact our experts to get a free quote now!