Plastic Security Seal

YOUME customize plastic security cable ties excellent and fast. Over 100 models to secure your properties for all industries. Get started and Find your next solution! Stay Secure With YOUME.

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Why Choose YOUME Plastic Security Seal?


A 5,000㎡ factory is ready for tamper-proof plastic security seal manufacturing.

Verified Process

The manufacturing process is ISO certified, which complies with industry standards.

Unsurpassed Customization

We take pride in our flexibility to adapt to your manufacturing requirements.

Stable Quality

The strict quality control plan is the first step for durable products.

Fast Shipping

We keep track of the production plan helps us deliver orders on time.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

MOQ is starting 500 pieces per style–relatively low if compared with other manufacturers.

Custom Plastic Security Seal

Easy As 1…2…3…

Want to customize your plastic seal but unable to find the right supplier? Congratulations that you’ve found the manufacturer of customized plastic seals – YOUME. We specialize in customizing plastic seals for customers. Let us know your ideas. Our experts will provide you with a complete solution. This time, you will no longer upset with customizing plastic seals.

Manufacturing Plastic Security Seal Efficiently From The Very First Step

We have the full control over our process, from raw material to injection molding to finishes, as all the product phases, such as design, engineering, product development, and production, are made exclusively by us in our plant, which allows us to:

  • Keep full traceability of our final product
  • Assure a high-quality product level
  • Customer-oriented production
  • Quick reaction to market requirements
  • Our Manufacturing Process
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100% Quality From Prototype To Volume Production

We have a thorough quality control process to ensure everything is checked and approved before leaving our factory. Also, we have a high environmental awareness with all of our products RoHS compliant.

Quality Control Technology


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Custom Plastic Seals

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