How to stop food-stealing with the tear-off plastic seal?

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September 1, 2021

Securing food delivery with tear-off plastic seals may come as a surprise. We see plastic seals were widely used to sealing bags or boxes in our daily life. How can a plastic seal secure your food delivery? Nowadays, plastic seals do play a critical role in the food delivery business. With the growing food delivery businesses, restaurants are now paying more attention to the security of food delivery.


The fast growing food delivery business

The food delivery business is fast growing across America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East markets. Primarily, food delivery has become quite common in the post-pandemic era. Thanks to those food delivery apps, you need a few clicks and taps on your smartphone, and the food of your choice is ordered, prepared, and delivered to your doorstep.

Apparently, online food delivery service has now become an integral part of the urban lifestyle. Research shows that one-third of Americans order food online at least twice a week. According to Statista, the online food delivery market size will reach 154.34 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.

food delivery business

It’s comfortable and easy to order food online. However, it does come with a few drawbacks as well.

In the recent past, it’s widespread to see news about how delivery guys nick food from the orders they are supposed to deliver. Unlike traditional online orders, most restaurants now choose to have their online food orders delivered by delivery drivers. The restaurant needs to receive the order online and prepare the food. Apparently, it isn’t easy to track the food during the delivery process. Especially there is no specific rule to monitor the delivery guy and make sure they get your order delivered safely right now.

How to ensure the customer’s order will be delivered safely from the restaurant to the customer’s doorstep? That is a tough nut to crack.

Problems of food delivery business

Food safety is always highly correlated with the review of online orders. Think about it, when your customer received the food in a mess or even tampered food, no matter how delicious the food looks, the first thing that came to their mind is to complain and ask for a refund.

Online orders are delivered from the restaurant to the customer either by the restaurant’s staff or by delivery agents of a food ordering company.
Food tampering can be very easy during the delivery process. Sometimes, no matter how well you packed, it’s still hard to ensure that the food arrived safely.

Recently, a video on YouTube showed how people caught a delivery guy stealing a customer’s food. In the video, the delivery driver was sitting on the road’s side curb with his bike on his side. He opens up the food packages and starts taking generous food portions and putting them into his tiffin box. He took noodles, some fried snacks, and even some quantity of the soup. Once he was done taking the food, he resealed the bag. The fact that he was using his bare hands made the situation even worse.

People were shocked to see that the delivery guy was openly stealing food from his customer. “For every one you see, there are hundreds you don’t,” commented one YouTube user. Restaurant food-delivery services are a growing business, transforming the way people receive their meals. According to a survey conducted by U.S. Foods found that nearly 30% of drivers are snacking from the food they’re responsible for delivering.

How do tear-off plastic seals secure Peter’s Food Delivery?

Peter Tsi runs a Chinese restaurant in California. Most of his orders came online. Like most of the restaurant, Peter has his online order delivered through the delivery driver. Surprisingly, the top complaint among people who ordered out from his restaurant was receiving less quantity food rather than the taste of the food. Peter said it’s hard to prove that the delivery guy opens the package or steals the food. Let’s be realistic. From the restaurant to the customer’s doorsteps, it’s almost impossible to monitor the food all the way.

How to get the food delivered safely to customer’s doorsteps? It bothers Peter for a long time. To remedy the problem, Peter was recommended by adding a tear-off style plastic seal to food packaging. A tear-off plastic seal is a tamper-evident plastic seal. This seal has a zigzag strap with pin dots on top of it. One can easily lock the food bags or boxes by inserting the strap into the locking hole and pulling the strap tight.


Why choose a tear-off plastic seal?

There are all kinds of tamper-evident seals for food packaging. Why should we choose tear-off plastic seals?

1. Low cost
The cost of a tear-off plastic seal is very low, which is perfect for daily use. At the same time, you don’t need to change your packaging, saving you money.

2. Stop food-stealing
If someone tries to steal food, they will have to break the seal to release the bags. Obviously, it will leave clear tampering evidence if force to open.

3. Stop food replacing
You can customize the tear-off plastic seal. For example, the color of the seal and the imprint. You can also get your restaurant logo, slogan, and phone numbers printed on the seal tags. Even better, to track the food, you can print a unique barcode or Q.R. code for each food package.

4. Stop food-tampering
This plastic seal is designed to keep your food from tampering. For example, it prevents the delivery driver touch your food with bare hands.

5. Easier to remove by customers
When the customers received the food, they can quickly check whether the seal is damaged or not. To open the food bags, they need to remove the seal with bare hands.



There are different ways for the delivery company to handle the food-stealing complaint. Generally, if a customer suspects that some of the food is missing, the company will potentially open an investigation and make a refund. Food stealing not only causes economic losses to the company but also causes damage to a company’s brand image. Therefore, ensuring a safe food delivery from restaurants to customers’ doorstep is our top priority.

As the saying goes, nip it in the bud is better than remedy afterward. When facing a food-stealing problem, it is more effective and cost-effective to take preventive measures. In addition to using plastic seals to ensure food safety, improving the delivery driver’s service is also very important. We can provide correlated training or make rules and regulations to prevent the bad behavior of the delivery driver. Overall, to help deliver food safely, we can do more in the future.

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