Why Plastic Zip Tie for the Fashion Industry?

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August 23, 2019

We originally designed plastic zip tie for industrial applications. Initially, we only used it to seal boxes, bags, etc. Today, we are widely using plastic zip tie in the industrial field and the clothing industry. For example, the OFF WHITE CO NIKE plastic zip lock ties have become popular fashion items.


What is Plastic Zip Tie?


A plastic zip tie is a kind of pull-tight seal. The reason why we like it is that it is very convenient in our daily life. There is a locking device on each seal. By inserting the seal tail into the lock hole, one can pull it tight to lock it. And once you close this kind of seal, you cannot open it by hand. Usually, you can only cut it with scissors. That is to say. You can only break the seal to open it. That’s why we use it extensively in the industrial field to prevent some items from tampering.

Of course, in practical applications, we will see plastic seals of various shapes. There are different tag sizes, lengths, and pull-fore for plastic zip ties to meet individual needs. Other than that, we can also customize the content printed on the zip tie tag accordingly. For example, you can print your logo, slogan, URL, serial number, etc., on the tags. Plastic zip tags are an economical way of labeling. Even if your order quantity is small, you can customize your printing. Therefore, plastic zip tie is very friendly to small and medium business.

Why Plastic Zip Tag for the Fashion Industry?


As we all know, plastic seals are becoming more and more popular in the apparel industry. We can see plastic seals on clothes and shoes and some of our belongings in our daily lives. There are even plastic seal bracelets, plastic seal keychains, and so on. In the beginning, there are only red zip ties on the market. Until now we have various colors available such as green, white, black, pink. Next, we will analyze why plastic seals are becoming more and more popular in the apparel industry.

Plastic zip ties help Promoting Your Brand.


As mentioned previously, the plastic seal is a low-cost indicative seal. You can print your information, such as logo, slogan, URL, etc., on the zip tag accordingly.

Compared with traditional paper labels, plastic zip tie have better quality and looks better. Think about it, when you buy a new jacket, what will you do? Of course, you will cut the paper tag and try it first. By adding a zip tie tag, the buyer will pay more attention to the information on the labels. Generally speaking, we are more interested in new things. Therefore, plastic zip tags are also more attractive to buyers. In this way, plastic seals will make your brand leave a more profound impression on customers.

Plastic Zip Lock Ties Help Tag Your Property


With customized printing, you can mark a property owner by printing your name on the tags. In other words, it warns those who are trying to access your personal properties. What’s more, by marking the relative content, we can better tell which private property belongs to you.

Plastic zip ties prevent your personal belongings from being exchanged.


I have a friend Fanny who is in the reselling business. She buys discounted items during the discount season and resells them. One day, she discovered that a customer had replaced an authentic Coach bag she sold.

It happens like this. A customer bought a Coach bag from Fanny. Usually, if the customer doesn’t like the goods after receiving them, they can get a refund. Like always, Fanny approved the customer’s refund application.

And the customer returned the bag according to the procedure. But when Fanny received the bag, she noticed that the customer sent back a fake COACH bag. Fanny told the customer that the bag she sent back is not the bag Fanny shipped to her. However, the customer insisted that this was the bag that FANNY had sent her. At last, the platform still requests Fanny to refund the money. She cannot prove that the fake bag is not the one she sent to the customer.

When Fanny told me about this, I asked her to try our new plastic zip ties. People design this zip tag to prevent some buyers from replacing authentic products. Under my suggestion, FANNY printed her company LOGO and serial number on the zip tag. So that every bag sold will have the company name and unique number for tracking. Therefore, the customer cannot get a refund unless the information on the zip tag remains good. It avoids the embarrassment that there is no evidence to prove that the bag is fake.

Plastic Zip Ties Help Reduce the return rate of sold items.


Unlike the previous case, some customers like to apply for a refund after wearing them. Trying those new clothing is quite normal. However, some customers return the clothes they worn or washed. The unreasonable refunding did cause a lot of loss to the seller. For example, my friend Andy complained to me that some customers returned their used clothing. However, the paper label is still there. Indeed, being washed in water, the seller can no longer sell them as new goods.

This time, I also suggested he add a plastic zip tie to his clothes. Compared with ordinary paper seals, plastic zip ties are difficult to open without leaving any evidence tampering. To open the seal tag, you have to break it with scissors. However, If you wear those new clothes without removing them, sorry, this tag will make you very uncomfortable. If you wear clothes without removing the seal, sure, it will affect the appearance and wearing experience.

The customer will remove the plastic zip lock ties if he or she is satisfied with the clothes he bought. However, removing the plastic zip tie means that you can no longer apply for a refund. Usually, the plastic seals will be marked with the words “Once removed, no refunds.” This plastic zip tie allows customers to think thoughtfully before making a refund. Therefore, the plastic zip tie reduces the refund rate and protects the goods from damage.

Plastic zip ties will make your personal belongings shine.


In addition to industrial use, a plastic zip tie is also a fashionable item. For example, the OFF-WHITE CO NIKE zip tie is a trendy fashion item. Young people like decorate their personal belongings with zip ties, such as shoes, clothes, keys, school bags, etc. More and more young people think that zip ties are a good decoration instead of an industrial seal. Plastic seals will make your personal belongings shine. There are zip ties of different shapes on the market. However, the OFF-WHITE CO NIKE style zip tie is the most popular. There are also multiple colors available.

All in all, gradually, people know plastic zip ties as a new fashion item. People’s impression of it is no longer a plastic seal for industrial use and the current fashion trend.


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